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  • Detail
  • 99.00/yr
  • For Individuals - Business with one employee.
  • 399.00/yr
  • For organizations with 2-50 employees.
  • 699.00/yr
  • For organizations with 51-2,500 employees.
  • 1299.00/yr
  • For organizations with 2,501 - 20,000 employees.
  • 1599.00/yr
  • For organizations with 20,000+ employees.

Member Benefits

  • Use the videos within your company for one year.
  • All videos in HD.
  • Get access to all new videos as they are produced.
  • Play on your mobile devices.
  • Download (you host) or embed (we host) the videos into your intranet, email or collaborative environment.
  • Unlimited views.
  • Easily share the videos with other employees.

How have companies used vinJones Videos?

Change management and culture initiatives. Educate employees. Break habits of bad working practices. Generate excitement or anticipation of new goals, initiatives or software. Create awareness.