Do you want to have an effective punch in a video by adding your logo?

Or maybe you have a company initiative in mind and you want a video to drive the point home.

If so, let’s get it done.

Customized Videos

When the videos in our library are customized for your employees, they will know you mean business.  If you took the time to create a video on a specific topic, they will watch and listen.  Branding a video with your company’s assets will get that type of reaction.

Plus, the cost is much less than the creation of a new video from scratch.

Any of the videos in the library can be customized for a one-time investment of only $999.  You get

  • a branded video at a fraction of the price.
  • a license to use the video indefinitely.
  • the downloaded file or embed code.


Create A New Video

Sometimes, to get the results and change you need, only a tailored video will do.  It can reach a wide audience very quickly.   If you have a specific message that you want to drive home to your employees, let’s create a video that will have a lasting impression.  Working together we will come up with a script, and I produce a video that will help you reach your goals.  Because each video is different, the cost of each will be quoted.


Customize or Create: Contact me and tell me what message you want to drive home.

Kevin Jones