The Story Behind vinJones Videos

Changing the culture of an organization is one of the most difficult things to do.  At its heart is helping employees understand WHY they need to change.  As I was consulting with companies and government agencies I noticed that in too many circumstances team meetings, trainings, presentations and good old fashioned incentives (including threats) were not very effective – yet they were the most used by management!

I also noticed that videos – when done well – can present a complex idea with an emotional punch in a short amount of time.  They can drive a point home that no emotionally charged meeting could offer.

To help my client’s employees understand different concepts, I started to create videos.  They were uploaded to Youtube so others trying to influence their cultures could use them as well.  And before I knew it, they had been shared all over Twitter and Facebook and viewed thousands of times.  Emails started coming in asking if companies could use them in their own organizations to help their employees.  Soon after, there were requests to create new, tailored videos to organizations’ particular initiatives and circumstances.

Understanding the value these companies were gaining, I decided to “genericize” the videos (take out my branding), provide a professional looking player and make them available to embed or for download.  Thus, vinJones Videos was born. Now companies can use the videos in a professional setting, without my branding, in presentations, in meetings as discussion starters, inside of intranets, in trainings and in countless other ways.




vinJones Videos are created by Kevin Jones.  Kevin is a collaborative & organizational consultant and international speaker at industry and company conferences.

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